Friday, January 18, 2008

Moving more into Mexico

Night time San Francisco

I was out for a walk in Ensensda and stopped in for a Taco and beer by the fish market.

A little 3 year old comes out with a bowl of lemons and goes across the lane to a guy making jewellery, he´s looking all confused, the waitress comes out and tells the kid to give the lemons to me. He does so and goes inside, what kind of tip do you give to a 3 year old waiter, it was funny to all.

Later he comes out with Chips and salad mix, doing a better job this time.

He appears at the door later and asks ´Álgo mas´, i tell him i´m ok.

San Francisco

Later he appears at the door and something to me, i couldn´t make out what he said, the word was too big for hime to say.

I ask the waitress, she says ´Do you want your ticket?´, he whould have said ´Queres la quents?´

A Nee Naw is on the way in San Francisco

It was very funny, i had to go back next day, funny 3 year old waiters is a great way to attract business.
I gave him a ´Ädios amigo´ on the way out the door´, very funny.

It´s very comforting to know god is pro America, i know this because an ultimate fighter said so. USA ! USA ! USA ! USA ! (As Cartman would say) Kick ass!

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