Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Strange tales from San francisco


Fireworks in San Francisco

I was in the Green Tortoise in San Francisco, and since it was raining people were all talking a little earlier than usual.

This Italian from New York goes to Italy, the old country, there's more than 1 you know
and was having his cereal in a restaurant one morning, his name was Mikey, something was a bit off, we pick up the story when he calls the waiter over

Mikey: There's something wrong with this cereal
Waiter: Oh thats probably the goats milk, it's an Italian tradition
Mikey: Give me regual milk
Waiter: Just try it
Mikey: No, Give me regual milk
Waiter: Just try it
Mikey (Hands waving): Why dont you try my balls

Met up with a chick Nora through Couchsurfing, went to see her on Haight s. They were hosting a guy from Boston that wants to teach Africans how to make recycle clothes.
We made tea and walked around, it was a lot of fun, no alchol, a good thing.

After walking around for a bit i went for the bus.
Nora decided she was going to hitch hike up the road, about half a km, heaps of Taxi's stopped for her, Nora's response was 'I'm hitch hiking', they declined to help, it was very funny.
A girl stopped, and the 2 of them were dancing, all good fun.

Then a truck stops, Nora jumps in, and she's waving for everybody to join her, except no one wanted to, i was too tired.

Fishermans wharf at night

The girl goes over, opens the door and tells her to get out, a paper falls out, the guy from Boston goes over and picks it up puts it in the truck and comes back with a DVD.
Now i'm thinking, he's stolen it and hell is going to break loose, except the, he said the driver gave it to him, Green light, truck drives off, bye bye Nora.

Nora was sober, i was tired, a very strange situation.

I emailed her, she told me the party she went to was 'Fun Crazy, then Crazy fun' and the next day she got nocked down.....by a wheelchair.

Popular activity in San Francisco, Ghost Riding

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