Saturday, January 05, 2008

Strange tales from San Francisco

Today's lesson is 'Quite people that never cause trouble, never make history'. Go and make history!!!

Lombard street became about in 1922 to stop people flying gown it

It appears in one of the greatest car chase movies with Steve McQueen 'Bullitt'

San Francisco has 120,000 dogs and 110,000 kids, yesterday i passed a day care centre for dogs where the owners can log onto the web cam and check up on their dog, just like for kids, but for dogs.

Now for the history stuff, Cornel Freemont was sitting on a hill looking out the bay and the sight reminded him of the 'Golden horn'

1848 Jun 5, Army officer John C. Fremont submitted his “Geographical Memoir” to the US Senate where the SF Bay entrance was called Chrysopylae (Golden Gate). He had in mind the Chrysoceras (Golden Horn) of Constantinople, and suggested that the SF Bay would be advantageous for commerce.

So the strech was known as the 'Golden Gate' before the bridge was built

The Wharf next to the South end rowing club used to be part of hightway 101 before the bridge was completed as that was the way to get on a ferry across, now you can see old ships on display there.

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