Sunday, January 27, 2008

Made a salad early in the night (good), had a hotdog later (Bad)

I might write this one day for somebody and stick it on their car, only as a joke :)

Made one of my famous salads yesterday for dinner, English Andrea and Chris were invited. Pucca Tucker (as Jamie Oliver might comment)

We went out later, after poking my stomach and commenting on the beer belly i never payed much attention to (it´s always just been there)

Coming back we went into the hotel a few door´s down, Andrea needed to se the toilet, after opening many door´s, one of which was the DJ booth for the party next door, staff were getting a bit nervy, she heads off in the right direction.

Why am i telling you all this, well a security guard went patroling just after her, he goes down, she coes up the hall, he goes across the hall, he goes one way, she goes the other way, missing each other my second´s, one was drunk the other was sober, it was like a Charley Chaplin movie, great stuff!!

Could be Las Vegas, but no.
There's nothing quite like Brunei's Empire Hotel and Country Club.

Coming back Andrea wanted some food, so we went off for a hotdog. She wanted to make her own while talking to 2 Dutch guys.
She kept saying ´Possible.....´, trying to grab the thongs off the vendor, he wasn´t giving up the tools of his trade.

I didn´t want to eat.
He gave her a hotdog, with mayonase, she says ´I dont like mayonase´, so i got that hotdog, se got another, it had mayonase on it too, such as life.

The girl Karinia from Las Vegas left a positive message about me on the couchsurfing site. That´s a nice thing.

The end

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