Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tough day at the office

Went out last night, wasn´t much happening, i remember seeing this American guy leave his little girl off at the hotel, for minding, while he played around the corner in what turned out was his bar.

His name is Brian Flynn, and hell could he play, Oh my god, it was amazing.

He was the guy that told me that if you wanted to conceal anything in Mexico, put it down your pants, it turns out, Mexican men will NOT put their hands near a mans balls.

You´d swear there was a venemous snake packed away there, not me, maybe that´s what makes me, well me, maybe not.
I was thinking since i have given up wearing under garments and if i needed to conceal anything, i would have to sellotape it or glue it, or tie it on, if the weather was cold i could conceal less, warm more.

Buddy from Couchsurfing.vom Christian

Or maybe, if i started wearing Y fronts (the kind your dad wears, you know who you are) i could walk around with a big potatoe shoved down there. It would be like taunting the cops. Touch my balls, Touch my balls, Touch my balls (only in english of course!) It sounds sooo gay, i should be ashamed, i´m not, not yet, maybe if i´m running for parlament or trying to be respectable some time, but i´d doubt it.

Went whale watching on a cataraman, one of the biggest in the world and saw whales, lots of, but being on the yaht was nearly better, but we did get close to the whales, it was sunset on the way back which was really cool.

There was a family on the boat celebrating the father´s 80th birthday, he looked 60, he might outlive me.

In Mexico if you have a traffic accident, they take you to jail until it´s all sorted, i met a Mexican that had been in America for 37 years, had 7 kida, American ones, and got deported (a few days ago) because he got a speeding ticket and needed to go to court and they found out, Oh?? Your not supposed to be here, and dropped him off in Cancoon for his troubles. Bye, bye.

I wonder if he´ll watch the super bowl?

Sunset on the Catamaran

He never married (played it too save, too long)

He was previously in Colerado, he´s very religious and thinks the big guy wanted him to be in Mexico, where he´s not freezing his ass off. Maybe there is a god after all?

Mexico is nice and warm, 28 degrees today

I suggested he sell Time share, he already is, he asked me how i knew, everybody is selling time share here in the Las Vegas of Mexico.
As i was writing this on the bus i saw an ad on TV on the bus for the local Harley Davidson shop, enough said there.

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