Tuesday, January 01, 2008

More thoughts, before i forget

Moon buggie

More thoughts on San Francisco

Walked one morning to the bridge (my first time) is was only a few inches on the map, the map wasn't to scale, what could go wrong.
I'll start of by saying i forgot my camera, you see my camera is what distinguishes me between a visitor and a local, my status in society was taking a turn for the worst, not to worry, it was a crap day for photos.

On my second attempt, this time by bus (very nice) i had a perfect day with new batteries.

Lots and lots of cool houses here, where do people get all the money.
Alcatraz was booked 5 days in advance, not many inmates could have predicted tourists paying money to go there, over 1 million people a year go, this year 1 will be one of them.

Wright brothers plane

Went on a night tour around the island, not bad for $10

Moving to a hotel today, not sure i sleep is on the agenda, but it's covered. Now i can sleep during the day if i like, oh what joy :)

Alis Gloves

Hills here aren't as bad as Cork, 'You call that a hill', walked down the windy hill, Steve Mc Queen drove down, all you movie buffs know what i mean, if you don't, it's 'Lombard st'

Went into a Beat Museum.
Ken Keasy 'Lets see who we are, lets turn this thing on and see what kind of shadow we have'

Allan Ginsberg
'Turn on, tune in, drop out'

Oh yeah went to a club called 'Ruby sky' and they had acrobats and dancers, pretty awesome and then they stopped serving beer at 2am (San Francisco -1 point)

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