Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rented a car to go West and went South instead

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I like this one

Rented a car, Andrea drove, she wanted to go to the Kite surfing championships west, so off we went, one careful lady drive at the steering wheel, with the lack of signposts, it was a wonder we managed to get out of the place, we didn´t take the wrong turn as much as we didn´t take the right turn.

We went South, the Campionships were West, i was there for the journey, all was good.

We got to a wind surfing beach and came back, we were told of a shortcut by some surfer dude with a golden retriver, maybe he was suffering from a lifetime of too much pot smoking, but to cut a long story short, we went the wrong way and kept going the wrong way.

We stopped to ask directions, a woman told me it was 30 minutes away, we kept going

Alarm bells of reason and sense started to kick in for more than one occupant in the car, the decision was made to turn back, we were getting low on fuel in some National Park, i could sense vulchers hovering, images of eyeballs being pecked out were starting to haunt me, back we went.

I suppose this is good example of ´Ask a stupid question´

We made it to a petrol station and saw the sign for the Championships back out on hte road, the total opposite way, we went that way. Got there in the end, it was dark, better lat than never.
Not too many signposts in Mexico. A cmpass would have been handy. An owners manual for the compass would have been handy too, with the intelegence to understand it (God you know what i mean) Blah, Blah, Blah, blah and so forth.

School system in the US is a bit worrying

This reminds me of the video ´Rocket Brothers´by the Danish band Kashmir

See Rocket Brothers for youself

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