Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Made it out of North Carolina and had my first biscuit

Things i learned this week for a beat writer Wulf Zendik
A thing is only as good as it is good, no longer. A thing is only as bad as it is bad, no longer.

If a thing isn't mutual, mutually gratifying, it's not alive, it isn't alive - It stinks, like all dead things

The worth of a relationship is a direct proportion to the honesty practiced in the relationship.

Trouble is all baddies have goodie smiles.

Now to the travel bit, or just staying on someones couch for a week and a half, it was a bit a haze, a happy one at that, but it's nice to be getting up at 9am again instead of going to bead at 6am, very nice, i must be getting old and it's ok by me.

It was a 13 hour bus ride, i had high expectations (sort of) and i had a blast.
But as i might have pointed out before, too much fun is no fun, it's a fine line, i had enough fun, time for reality, i call it reality time.

I was there for Christmas dinner, before the dinner and after the dinner, only 1 Kieran was awake, i did my best to stay awake, then i joined the slumber party, sleep rocks!!! Then it was off to the West End for quality at the right price drinks with KT and Seth and the crew and, i'll stop there.

No i wont, had a 5 course meal with one of KT's friends Taylor, who told me lots about her boyfriend, on the last night she was telling me what a 'Douche bag he was, that's love i guess, and i'm guessing ??

How could i forget, mold in the basement, if you have enough mold, it could be a living and thinking organism, i was back upstairs on the couch, could be a good idea for Stephen King

How could i forget playing air guitar by day and 'Guitar Hero' by night after the pub activity, i totally 'Get it' now, totally

Went to 'Bo Jangles' biscuit (basically a cross between a muffin and a savory bun, with out the burger)

I got 25 Buffalo wings delivered for $12, o what joy!!!! On the money

Went to a party with Big John, tacky jumpers were required attire. Honky tonk music was the go here, for a while i thought they were joking, but no this was the party music. Burnt the jumper on the bonfire, or should i say John did, it will be another 50 years before it's back in fashion, no loss there.

Thats other cultures for yea. Don't mention 'Cultures', cause someone will mention 'Mould', pass the cheese please, ahhh, thats better :)

Seth was telling me about Muir woods, will have to go.

Met 2 Aussies and they went for a Bus tour and one of them was asleep the whole way, his buddy woke him up going over the Golden Gate Bridge, it's nice to have friends like that

Arrived in San Francisco, no flower in my hair, i have a few flower tattoo's, should be enough, flower power man!!!

Heard a Motown song flying into San Francisco, 'It's cheaper to keep her', very amusing

Went walking to the Bay Bridge, passed a golf course 'Golf tip of the day' said the following.
Practice swings don't really help, just hit it and get it over with.

Raw meat = Team war (one for all the vegetarians out to change the system of the 'Man')

Sea lion Jonao uses a brush to write the word rat in Chinese characters in preparation for the new year in Tokyo

Passed the rowing club by the south end and here is what they are about
'To be a South Ender is to love life, enjoy good food and drink, revel in the company of fellow members, throw great parties and be glad to live in the San Francisco bay area

Learnt this from a chic in a bar she has A=A tattooed on her wrist. Apparently it stands for Aristotle's law of identity, interesting.

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