Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Leaving DC and Game theory

Saw this chick hanging out and as you can see, i took a photo

Left DC
Clothes make the man, sweatshops make the clothes
Passed through 'Edgar Allen Poe' country, Richmond, better known for 'The Raven'

Charles Darwin got his ideas from an Economist, Adam Smith; he's on the $1 coin
Economies are pretty much survival of the fittest at a low level, so too is nature

Had a transit at a town called Richmond, it's a nice summer's day, not cold like New York or DC, I’m whistling while I walk and a guy says to me, 'Where dat good weed at', it was at nowhere, I was just happy, ok?

I'm reading 'A quest among the bewildered' by Welf Zendik and he's clearly off his game, and I’ll give you an example
'With the language we were talking we could have communicated if she was an Eskimo and I was an Orangutan'

Ever seen one of these fellows?

German saying 'It's pointless running when you are on the wrong road'

Game Theory
Reading 'A beautiful math', it's about 'Game theory', he explains why people, birds and fish watch fight's and why fights are more aggressive when people are watching, why because of REPUTATION
People watch fights to learn what to in similar situations and learn about possible opponents
People gossip because of reputation, why people help each other.
If you have a reputation of helping people, people are more likely to help them
I was thinking about 4 degrees of separation, from Polish soccer hooligans to the 'Brother's' hanging out in the corners of Harlem; they're all about their 'REPUTATION'

There were less white people there too

I read once that one of the hardest things to come back from is the loss of reputation, and I would tend to agree

Trust levels are a good measure of a countries economic growth

It gets interesting here
The invention of the Clock, which was commissioned by the Catholic Church, conditioned Scientist's to think about the world in mechanical terms.
Descartes and Galileo. Cause and effect system which paved the way for Newton to publish his Principia in 1687

Game theory is, in fact, all about understanding what choice would (or should) be made if all of the relevant information influencing the outcome of the decision is known.

Wharehouse party, ambient cave

Have to see what stage of the 90 days club I’m at; I could be banned if I join the 91 days club

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