Thursday, December 20, 2007

Danger Danger, Wharehouse party, what a blast !!

Broadway,brladway, Hemmingway, oldway, newway, wrongway (go back) where would we be without you?

I'm going back BroaDWAY, wait for me wont you?

Went to the longest running play on Broadway, it's been going for 20 years, not sure why it's been going that long. Mark Twain would have done a better job, and he's dead (Mark Twains play is called 'Is he dead')

The leading actress has only missed 4 performances in 20 years, not much time for holidays, 10 out of 10 on commitment

Went to Brooklyn for the Danger party, went on the wrong line, then I went on the right line, the L line to be correct.

The Warehouse had 2 rooms, a back room and a main stage for bands and DJ's, the back room had ambient, phycadelic dj's and the like in a TINFOIL cave with small lights overhead, very very cool. It was like the side tents at festivals.
When I stopped dancing most of the people had left, so I left, excellent night.

They had dancers in costume on stilts, one guy blew up a balloon and got into it, some other people were hanging from the ceiling, there was nearly too much to look at with DJ's going on in the back, I have photos and videos to prove it, haven't got any more words for it.

Woke up next morning bursting to go to the toilet, some English guy is doing his hair, I had to let 20% off into the bin. You understand don't you?

Last Day in NY

Went to see the Rockettes in Radio City again. 'Let Christmas shine', and it was off to see Monthy Pythons 'Spalmalot'

Next day, I tried to Leave NY, got the train up town instead of downtown, came out a guy said to me 'Go up cross the road and go downtown', I did that and bought a ticket
and I’m standing on the platform and I recognize the same guy on his laptop and Chinese woman that's in the same delema as meself and she's empathizing as best she can in half English and Chinese.

Speaking of Chinese, the place where I had my General Choi Chicken, the woman taking the orders was talking to someone on the phone one time and she said 'No you cant talk to my husband, he don’t speak English'
You could get by on Spanish and Chinese and never have to speak English, American English, English English, or Ghetto!!!

My little tram ride cost me $6 in the end, might have been cheaper to get a taxi.

Oscar Wilde - Be yourself, everybody else is taken

Old guy on the bus - Use me until you use me up

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