Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Decided to stay a bit longer, but not too long mind you

Met a bass player the other night and the conversation got to 'Mike Stern' and he says 'Oh, he's playing across the road when he's not touring'
It turns out Mike Stern is not touring, but is playinf in the Club 55 on Wednesday, i'm going, very exciting, i saw him 7 years ago, he was playing with Dennis Chambers at a a drummers conference, no one except for me knew him, so i met him, he was relieved someone knew him.

To fill in space between then and Wednesday i went to the Bodies exhibition, very cool.

I came out and said, i'm going to take good care of myself from now on, which ways Mac Donalds.
I was joking, bit i did have a beer and a burger, not joking

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Truna said...

you went to the Bodies exhibit? You support China's killing of prisoners of conscience. ;-)