Wednesday, December 26, 2007

DC Day 2

Met this cop coming out of the West end Opera house pub, he gave me a Winston Salem Cop badge

After staying up late, first to the party and last to leave, except the party was the couch sitting in front watching Sex and the City and Jackass, very civilized stuff indeed

Next day I up and went back to the Native American museum.
On the way I saw some Government guy let his dogs use the rest room in front of the government people only, I might have got arrested for doing something similar.
He turns to the dogs, two of them and says 'Come along Sonny' and I’m thinking 'It's a dog',

Dream time, I had a dream, not in a civil rights sort of way, a real dream, not a happy one. In the dream, I’m on my way to see Kieran, DC I think and I’m walking out of a bar smoking a joint and a Cop grabs me and informs me I’m going to book camp for 18 days, over Christmas, and I’m asking the cop if it would be ok if I just got out of the State or Country, no go, I’m going down, then I woke up and I’m saying 'I'm free', I was so happy.

Coltranes score for 'A love supreme'

Then, that night I went to see a play called 'A Christmas Carol 1941', it was Charles Dickens story, but set in DC, world war 2 era, what’s funny is that at the end the main character wakes up at the end after seeing the past, present and future, and says 'I'm alive', he was happy and was all about changing his ways.
Not sure if I’m going to change my ways, today I went left, right, walked up and down the stairs, but was it the right way. No clue here.

Had a crazy guy staying at the hostel, he started out ok, but I think he lost his job and he hit the hard water. He came in one night while I was talking to 2 Swedish chicks in the kitchen with a radio and plugged it in listening to classical music, the station wasn't even tuned in, he was cooking alright in that kitchen, and he wasn't even using any pot and pans. Impressive stuff really. Don’t worry, the worst was to come.

Abe's hat

He started ranting on about God, 'Do you believe in God' in a serial killer voice and 'Have you ever slept under the stars'
If backpackers were Mosques, would they blow them up?
I wake up; the crazy guy spent the next few days sleeping under the stars, or locked up. I wake up, I’m free and it feels fine.

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