Wednesday, December 26, 2007

View from the Empire Estate

From New Hampshire to Canada and back New York to DC to North Carolina, it feels like I’m following the Fall, like the way the follow the Cherry blossoming in Japan, very cool.
Went to Arlington cemetery and saw JFK's grave, they gave him an eternal flame. He's racking up some gas bill, and you’re not allowed to stick any marshmallows on it, the environment people, and the environment!!

Insert Lincolns Gettysburg address an his second inaurgal speech

A little bit of English history, Lord Nelson, victorious at the battle of Waterloo. Defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar (off of Spain)
The French were about to attack England, they were at war for about 20 years. Lord Nelson died by sniper fire at the battle of Trafalgar as depicted in the JMW Turner painting.

JMW Turner is England’s most celebrated painter, he came from the working class, when rich people went to hear him talk, and most couldn't understand him. Most of his paintings are in America too.
One of his painting was just a whole lot of colors blended in together, very cutting edge for it's time.

New York, New York

Went to the Natural History museum, we evolved from rodents it would appear, 40 million years ago big asteroids hit the earth, before you know it the Dinosaurs were dropping like flies, and the rodents that were living below ground came up, since they didn't have any predators, this was a good thing.

Friends on top of the world

If the evolution time frame was 1 hour, the time us humans were here would be 1 minute, which might explain a lot, now that I think about it.

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