Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Still in New York and i'm beginning to like it, ok?

I've decided that the act of gental sexual stimulation needs is a womans touch
We pick up the story from the other night, the other, one of the other

Meself and Gregory (French) go into a basement bar and it turns out to be an Irish one, with his team playing (on a big screen) he cant believe his luck, with great Buffalo wings (i cant believe my luck)

I start chatting to some locals (Gregory is throwing hie romantic look and it works on a local) everybody is happy, things are great.

We go off to another bar with the locals, now as i'm waiting in the subway just in from one of the girls, who's not far from 2 cops, whos not far from her friends, who are trying to work out the ticket machine, in steps a cop and wants to give her a ticket for loitering, very efficent.

I'm trying to figure out how to get a ticket for Broadway or Clobert, loitering is easy, too easy in fact. Walked all of Hells Kitchen and even passed the Hells angles clubhouse, hell yeah.
Went to Madison Square Garden to see the New York nicks win, very cool, they won with a slam dunk at the end after losing up to the last 2 minutes, great end.

One of their slogans is 'The only way to get closer is to become a star', might have to give up pizza, hmmmmm, i'll think about that one

Some interesting tid bit's, they have the dog show there every year and they have to melt the ice because some of the dogs will sense the ice and scratch the floor boards to get to it.
Elton John played there 60 times and he played his 60th gig on his 60th birthday.

Saw a woman on the way home with 2 little poodles (balls of fluff) and after much commenting on them she says to me
Her: 'What's wrong with you',
Me: 'I'm demented, whats your problem'

It could only have been funnier if it was Paris Hilton, one night in Paris...sighs :)

Some one was telling me their pet hates about New York
New Yorker: Where are you from
Her: Sweden
New Yorker: 'Oh, I've got a friend in Grermany'

I, dont have any friends in Sweden or Germany, i dont see what the problem is, i think she was just over reacting

Heard a cool lyric (it sounded cool at the time and i wrote it down)
Smashing Pumpkins 'The killer in me is the killer in you, i send a smile over to you'

Went up the Empire estate building, Cary Grant mentioned it on of his movies, his line was 'Lets meet at the top of the Empire estate building', good view, well worth doing, didn't meet anyone, but life can be like that

Some little things i read 'Anger grows in the bussom of fools'

Went to the Grenwich Village Bermuda triangle of Jazz clubs
After the band played a Hendrix song, someone said 'Two for the price of one Hendrix', so they played another Hendrix, nice one

Read this in the Onion newspaper

Aries: Wild peals of laughter will surround you this week, when your struck in the balls with cancer

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Anonymous said...

Colbert's gonna be really hard to get into, and I think there will be a strike shortly. The broadway strike just ended though. tickets are selling cheap around my job. Also you can get them at the discount stand, the only one left (one is under construction, the other was inside the WTC) is on 46th between 7th and 8th ave.

What play would you wanna see?

My friend Ali... you met him...he bartends at Sophie's.. he bartends at some of the shows too. he may give heads up as to what has the best and cheapest seats.


ps. grad school finals is sucking my ass.