Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Accidentally found the New York public library, so in I went to see the Kerouac exhibition

Throwing gang signs in Brooklin

I made it to my mecca, one of my heroes, i was happy, and about to get happier

So anyway, without too much foreplay, I’ll tell you what I saw.
The scroll obviously, I was able to pick out different chapters, oh what joy.
You see, Kerouac was a very fast typist, he was very proud of this, I don’t know what he might have made of Microsoft word and copy and paste.

He once typed out a poem about an Atomic Bomb in the shape of a mushroom, if you’ve got it flaunt it, I suppose.
Writing for him wouldn’t have been the easy road it is now, he had to be published for people to be exposed to his work, all I have to do is tell people my blog address, and I don’t even have to do that. It would appear some people have nothing better to do, that look at other peoples stuff, too easy. If you don’t feel like looking at the words, you can look at the pictures, or fast forward to the videos, too easy.
Don’t read this

See what I mean, if I had an editor, they would be like, ‘Don’t do that’, you can’t do that, but as Detective Callaghan (Dirty Harry to you) I’ll d what I god dam please. See what I mean, I am God !

Back to Kerouac, he considered Beethoven God, I agree wholly.
Even though he was brought up in a very racist household, he overcame that to consider Charlie parker and Luis Armstrong ‘Giants’
He encouraged William S. Burroughs to start writing

He originally didn’t consider himself much of a writer, but Kerouac told him to get a move on, and he did.
What’s interesting about Burroughs is he got a job teaching after being announced as being one of America’s greatest writers. He used to tell his students ‘When writing about something, write it in reference to the guy walking past smoking a cigarette’, apparently most of his students thought they were going insane, but they were just seeing more and experiencing more.

One of the texts of the exhibition was of a guy describing going to Canada and would write about ‘And then when I go into her’, I just came back from Canada, didn’t have quite the same experience.
Got on the subway, to come back for dinner with Ali (takeaway every day with family guy), a guy like me could get used to that sort of thing, and there’s the worry right there.

Take 2, got on the subway, there was a guy playing what I think was Egyptian music, loud enough for those not exposed to that sort of music to be exposed, you’d think that would be good, one guy shouted for him to turn it down, no take 3. Cut it and print.

You could cut the tension with a knife, everybody is thinking the same thing, lips are moving, people are imagining what they would do if all their friends were there, no one says nothing. Pretty funny, I didn’t have any music, and something is always better that nothing, it does take a while to get into Egyptian music, but when you do, you can get hooked.

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