Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanks giving part 2 (Thank god)

Ali, meself, Jackie and crew (That's how we roll in New York city)

Well since there's no one around, i'll tell you this

Meself and the Aussie called into the local bar the other night to watch the band, it had a sign out front 'Band 10.30', ok so, in we went.

Some American kids (19-20) wanted to know where we were from, so anyway they ended in coming over and conversation flowed.

They were having a Whale of a time, speaking of Whales, i found this on the computer i'm using

In flowed some more American kids from across the border to experience the wonders of alcohol, so they started to have a little fun (voices are getting louder) then all gone.

Then the Aussie told me what happened:
It appears one of the locals took offense and told them to get out or go out and fight him, a bit much for a Tuesday night you'd think, they left.

The Aussie from Brisbane (Brisvegas) was asked by the owner (old guy) if he was going to go out fighting and he was dumbfounded, clearly this was all a bit too much too soon, he couldn't believe it, things went back to being all things Canadian.

It occurred to me that since the legal age in the US is 21 and just about every other western country 16 is the norm, what do you expect?

It would appear that some of them are late developers, and are learning the hard way how to behave, in Canada at least.

In India guys don't get to have girlfriends until they are 25 years or so old, and when a girl says no, it's a big knock back for them (and then some of them resort to throwing acid at women) where as in most western countries guys experience this at 13 and just move on.

I was reading this today, it appears the basketball team 'The laker's' lost recently and the opposition was asked about their plays and the coach's response was 'We call this a Brokeback Mountain game, because there's so much penetration and kickouts," Jackson said. "It was one of those games.', he got a slap for that one, naughty naughty, not supposed to say that.

Midnight Cowboy

I mean some guys get off horses feeling like they have been to Jail, thats bad enough , you wouldn't need any penetration. Maybe if you were on Sunset Boulevard and in a movie called 'Midnight Cowboy', it might have some appeal (Thinks out loud) Naaawww

Round them cattle up boy's !!! Let's take em' down to Missouri, Yeehaw !!

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