Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Who loves yea New York, Queens !!!

Christmas in Syracuse

North American weather is murder on my scalp. When I met up with Ali in New York, she asked me if it was snowing outside, I was thinking the same thing myself (and they say Great minds think alike. Whoever they are, I would like to take this opportunity to thank them, cheers)

After Toronto I ended up staying in Niagara for 3 nights, didn’t see the point in traveling in the rain, left there with $30 or $40 of the casinos money, it’s rare you leave those places with a smile on your face, I was quick to realize this and made my ‘Big Exit’

Saw an ad on the TV for the Thanksgiving football game (American football) ‘Buckley’s, it tastes awful and it works’, pretty honest

I was waiting for the bus in Niagara and a kid comes out of his house and says to me
Him: Going to work?
Me: No
Him: Got any spare change?
Me: No
Begging culture here is unreal, can’t believe it, I’ve only ever see this amount of begging in India.

Called into a town half way from Niagara and New York, a place called Syracuse, I knew this would be a good idea as crossing into the US would take time. I wasn’t counting on the extra time it would take with the Chinese people on board.
Obviously my dandruff wasn’t a problem to them; I wasn’t seen as an undesirable and sent back to Canada .

Christmas celebrations

Anyway got there and as luck would have it, they had a hostel, great, $15 a night, lovely, old house, lovely, my own room, lovely, curfew at 11pm, Noooooooooo!!!!!!
Out I ventured anyway and as luck would have it (happens all the time) it was the night they were turning on the Christmas lights.

They were singing songs and for the first time when someone sang ‘Snow is falling all around us’ it actually was, very very nice.

Before I left I tried ‘Pecan pie’ in the local market, very nice.

Met some locals and after introductions they insisted in bringing me to the local Irish bar (and there’s a few, we’re very popular you know! )
The guy wanted a ring, one of mine, I had one in my bag, and I gave it to him, cheapie from South America.
I said to his wife ‘I gave him a ring, what the hell did you ever give him?'
Her: I gave him 3 kids
Very funny

So anyway the local guy, Gerry, goes up and orders 3 Yegar bombs and says
Gerry to bar person: ‘Put them on the O’Leary bill’
Me: Who’s O’Leary
Gerry: There’s always an O’Leary
Pretty Irish alright

The bus driver from Syracuse to New York talked a bit like Morgan Freeman and had a ‘Bad ass attitude’
He had sayings like ‘OG’, Original gangster’ for one of the travelers and himself ‘OT’, ‘Old timer’, I would have just said ‘FCBSBDAB’, ‘Fuckin Crankey Bollocks Shouldn’t be driving a Bus’

Read this in ‘A portrait of an artist as a young man’, ‘He had more cunning in the wart in his bald head that a pack of foxes’
Got to NY, tried calling Ali, no reply, turns out it was on ‘Mute’, so I checked out ‘Chelsea hostel’, will be moving there tomorrow for a few daze.

Chelsea is the hip area of NY, and the gay area, walked passed a bar that had $3 +$4 drink specials, not enough to convert me baby from whatever I am or am not or amant , but I’m listening, I’m listening!!

Ended up going to Queens (Al loves the couch, there was a high probability that she would be on it), she was on it, great success, and the Chelsea hostel is open all night, no fear of being left out in the cold at night, because it is.

Had a flashback the other day, when I was in Toronto, I met a guy from Tibet that was in Darmhsara (India) that knew the Irish woman doing the translation for the monks, and told me her husband was a Tibetan guy and ‘He’s a good guy’, I had a good time.

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