Friday, November 09, 2007

Cold Cold in Montreal and nice too, can you believe it ?

Covered bridge in Conways, just like in the movie 'Bridges of Madison County'

One of life's hidden secrets revealed itself to me a while back, in the shape of a little paper, in a fortune cookie
It said 'The laws sometime sleep, but never die'. Which i suppose is true, when you think about it.

I found it in my bag a while ago, and now i'm thinking about it again, twice the value, and now your reading this, everyone benifits, but will you heed the advice, or will you let your brain guide you ?
Will you sometime soon say to yourself 'Gawd, i wish i listened to the cookie', time will tell.

Went out last night and after having one beer, walking back saw a heap of young people standing by a door,so i says to myself 'I'm young, why i dont i go and stand by the door', just to be cool and hip, after all i am in a new country, and standing by a door could be the 'In thing' so anyway i did. It was for a club, lovely, in i went'

But first, i needed to pass the security, they sometime pose a problem, but first they were busy explaining to 3 girls that they were too young, id's were checked, but no is no, but in French, it would sound a bit snooty (Note to reader, i cant
remember anyone ever saying no to me, memory fails me at the best of times, so that's not saying much)

Now imagine the scene, it's very cooooollllddddd, very, standing at the door, a full explanation is being given to the 3 girls, very civilised stuff here folks

Met a girl at the door while waiting, she seemed to have forgotton to wear clothes, she in a miniskirt and a little singlet, the price of fashion. My balls were frozen
she did not have this problem.

Someone told me in Blackburn in the good old UK all the girls go out like this too when the Blackburn football tema are out.

No football's were in sight.

Very cool club, the lights would drop about 10 feet and had all sorts of cool stuff going on.
Free entry, student night, havent got the Student card anymore and the drinks are cheaper than when the grown ups are out.

Got back to the Hostel, and they have a little rule and it entails.

Until you show them your card, they wont let you in. It would appear there are crazed murders lurking in Quebec, in freezing tempertures, i'm sure they wouldn't be standing in the cold, not Quebec cold (and it gets down to -50).

You'd need a blow torch to defrost your balls if you were out very long, i'm starting to see the diffrence between French Canadians and Canadians

I call the next part. 'A clash of personality's'. Strange that they wouldnt just have a guy to open the door. It is very COLD here. If you got locked out, you could die.

I get in and the 'I do things by the book receptionist' is giving out to me. It appears they would let you freeze to death if you havent go a card, i think she just needed a long hot 'Session' with a man. She was cold, the room was warm.

I digress

If i had a house here, i'd call it the 'Maison Derrier', that was going through my head today as i was walking in a park. If anyone asked me what it meant, i'd say 'It's French' and if they wanted to know more 'I'd say, oh, there's too many words in the French language to know them all'
Well anyway that's what i was thinking in the park, i must be insane.

Quebec is having their 100th annivesary of the landing of the Lindenberg and lots of work is going on, the place is going to look brand new, like blood was never spilt on the street and guys were hacked to death, none of that, just happy faces,
what happy times we live in, eh?

I call this section 'Cooking and living'
Today i cooked, this is just something i like to do, i'm no Gordon Ramsey, since i've had a Poutine or 2 and i'll
explain this later, ok i'll do it now

It's like food a 13 year old thats never cooked before would cook and then leave pots and pans all over the kitchen for his mother to cook and then watch TV, but it is good, especially in the cold, where you burn calories just breathing

Todays recepie
Free Bacon and Carrot soup

Get the bacon marked 'Free' from fridge
Is it passed it's use by date? No, lovely, proceed to the next step
chop into little bits and stick in pot and turn it on, the pot, on the gas
After 2 minutes, pour in enough (how long is a piece of string) water
Add soup mix
Have a 2 minute conversation
Time conversation by tapping you feet at 1 second intervals 120 times

Now eat, sounds yummy doesnt it ?

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