Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A picture i saw in Wexford by a Cork Artist

Writing today is being conducted on a very slow computer and I’d say there is a 30%
chance I might lose everything written here, but it wont be a waste of time. No more
notes to go off of, diary wise, so this is of pure memory, tinted at that.

Decided to stay another night last night, Canadian Habitants are playing to night,
Why not, this is Canada after all and there’s Canadians who cant get tickets, so we are on for game 3 Tonight, so far we have had one win, one loss….. well anyway I’m going.

Met a guy from the hostel from Ireland with an interesting story, it appears he was blinded by love
And since he couldn’t go to the US legally, he would swim from Mexico, across a river infested with Alligators and snakes, but first he walked in some dangerous tropical forest for 8 hours, after swimming the river anyway and directing his guide to stay out of view from the border patrol, but first he paid $700 for this service. Then some Mexicans stole his backpack.

He walked 30 miles in the US and was within 4 miles of a town 6.4 kms to ye Europeans got picked up by the border police. He was 4 miles from hopping on a bus and he would have been gone.
The statement he made to them on being picked up was. ‘Put me in jail if you like, but give me a glass of water’ . The cops must of got a laugh off of that.

For his trouble, they stuck him in maximum security jail with handcuffs and chains for 23.5 hours a day for 1 month. Nice eh ?
On being sent home to Ireland he ordered a hooker over the net to call around, isn’t technology wonderful?
After this experiencing this, his conclusions are, he never wants to go back to America and Mexico is very dangerous, he couldn’t speak Spanish either, not such a great idea. Could be a good movie, who would you cast as an Irish guy stupid enough to do all that? Will Smith comes to mind?

Oh yeah, the chick he went to see, moved on with her life and was seeing someone else and couldn’t have been bothered with him, all’s fair in love and war I suppose, or at least I’m told.

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Alie said...

Ummm... ok... this guy is a jackass. hahaha. If this story is true, there are pricer but for less obviously dangerous ways of getting. $700 is lower than any price I've ever heard paid by coyotes. Why didn't he just.. like.. fly in like everyone else who comes from Ireland, and then just stay.

And by the way, that river he crossed, if it's the one I think it is, lots of people drown their recently, the get in and can't crawl out.

I have some god books for you to check out if you wanna read up on it more!

See you man