Monday, November 05, 2007

News flash, something happened, but then something had to give

Panda rips into Kid in China, Woman squashes beer cans with her breast's and then gets fined in Australia, not a gay cowboy to be seen in Vermont.
What does it all mean? Can global warming be blamed? Is reckoning day quickly approaching? Should i be eating more junk food so that i will die before the before the world dies? If it dies who will switch off the life support?

If only there was a Doctor House for for the enviornment, he would say something like 'World you have a rare form of diabetes, take 2 of these for 3 weeks and you'll be fine. Now i need to pee'

Just like that everything would be fine and i'd be off for a slice of pizza, but since i'm not and i've had pizza. I'm here at Burlington lake for the sunset, very nice.
No hostels, got a motel with a TV. Cool town, students, my scene. 20 ubs in 1 square, irish bar called 'Irish bar', i used it as a tourish information, it did the job

Met a chick from Alaska and she pointed me in the direction of the Hosteling international, traveling isn't all that difficult all you have to say 'Hello' maybe a 'Bonjour' in French Canada.

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