Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy 101 posts to me

Comes as quite a shock to me, but it appears as if this is the 101 post.

Hmm, a pattern should now be apparent as to how i have come along. I can imagine all the profilers out there busily scribbeling on their note pads.

To those profilers out there i would say, dont worry, i have no intention of being a serial killer of any sort, i dont even intend on killing that many more brain cells, scouts honor.

I'm in Ottowa and it feels very nice, and i was wondering why ? Why indeed, then it became clear.

They are playing Earl Klugh in the streets and from flash backs of Oz, they play Classical music at the train stations, why, why, why you say.

Earl Klugh

Well it would be appear that kids who like to hang out dont think Classical or Earl Klugh is very cool, they vote with their feet and go somewhere else, this is what the adults want, the kids want 50 Cent or Tupac, though kids, move on.


With this being the case, the amount of gangbanging is greatly reduced, it was never really popular with white people anyway. I see everybody as Pink and some are made of bannanas. Yes Pink and made of Bannanas of all differnt sizes and shapes, which actually do exist in Sri Lanka, i know this because i saw them (i'm not making it up, you must believe me)

You dont believe me ? well feck off here then
You do believe me ? Great lets continue

Since the EU has regulations on the fruit sizes and shapes, what would they make of it all 'Pink and made of Bannanas of all differnt sizes and shapes'
Cull the lot, and feed them to the pigs ?

Oh i can just hear the screams, the screams, have mercy !

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