Monday, November 05, 2007

Red sox are on top of the world, again

Well, got to Boston to watch the world series. Now Boston being the Irish town of
of America and it being red, i like red, now i am a fan. Not that i wasn't before, it's just that i didn't know it.

My note book say's 'Game 2 tonight', well game 2 came and went, then before it, it was game 4, and 4 nill to the red sox, game over, Red sox win the world series, which is more like a test match, on an American level, their world.

Went to Slaem, but i've already told you about that somewhere else, so you'll have to go there to read about it, hope you have a nice time and dont forget to close the door on your way out.

Some interesting little tid bit's. Read this last week in a book.
'No one can already do anything to you that you are already toing to youself' interesting eh ? and
'Happiness is the best revenge because it is no revenge at all' and when you think about it, it makes sense, not that i'm trying to do that, that is not the point, well not the point here anyway, not yet anyway, it probably wont become obious to me until it's too late, it's ok, i think we still have time.

Want to know more stuff ? Here goes 'Spend your money on things money can buy and spend your energy on things money cant buy' i'm sold on that one.

Well that what i learnt at white river junction, nothing else happened. Didn't spend enough time to let anything happen, which was maybe the right decision, then i went to the student town going towards Canada, blame Canada.

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