Thursday, November 08, 2007

Left Montreal, but i`ll be back

Needs a black glove, dont you think ?

Got on a bus, not just any but mind you, but a bus to Quebeck. But first i got a return ticket,it cost $77. I remember thinking Ìt had better be feckin good`and is so far. Quebeck seems like a classy kind of a place or in other words, `No strippers, and there isnt. Not unless some tourist feels like running around in their birthday suit and let me tell you, it`s much too cold for that carry on.

Highlights of Montreal would be the Aussie army guy, spending 19k in 2 months, him saying at 12pm `I`m not joing out tonight and spending $150` and in the morning hearing how he went out and spent $200, he was telling me he only had
1 girl in 14 night`s in Montreal. A career low for him, he`s now off hunting greener pastures in New York city

New york lock up your daughters (and some mother`s)

Canadian Habs won, 2 out of 2 ain`t bad. Found a very nice place for home brews called `Beer topia` and it was Honey beer, Maple nut beer, Scotch beer, some other kind of beer, hmmmmmmmm beer.

Got the tattoo finished, by Lenny from Slick Styled steel, very happy with it, that will be all for tattoos for now i hope :)

Currently in Quebec, had a strange feeling coming here, i might want flashbacks of French, but everyone seems to understand, so it`s business as usual. So i`m not getting a feeling of what it might be like to be an endangered species and there`s someone chasing me with a gun.

Which reminds me, i was talking to a Kiwi guy in the hostel and he got chased with a gun by some guy.

He was doing some running on a disused road with a gradient when he `Happened` on 2 white guys `Crackers`being mugged by 2 `Brothers`, so he backs off and what do you think happened ?

Well you`d think they would run off like they are supposed to, but one of them ran after him, now he had been running on a gradient for over 1 hour and was pretty tired, but he must have had about a litre (or 1000ml to some) injected into his system and he took off like his life depended on it, which it probably did. He ended up knocking on some womans door with a baby (they`re all the rage now in Japan) and told her the story and was begging to come in while she called the cops.

Well the answer was no, and while he waited for the cops, he thought he was going to gat a cap in his ass.

Well anyway he got a Chineese massage next day and everything was better again, might do the same next time i`m in Mointreal first it will be All you can eat buffet $9, then massage, love you long time $5. Maybe not.

Left my coat in Montral, at the backpackers, so i guess i`ll be going back.
I called them this morning, i was talking to one of the girls on reception

Me: How will i recognise you
Her: I dont know
Me: How many fingers do you have, 5 or 6
Her: Hu ?

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