Thursday, November 01, 2007

Oh the Fall the fall, not a plaster or first aid kit in sight

Yellow no parking signs are extended up the side of a house in Bethnal Green, east London, in a work believed to be by the mysterious graffiti artist Banksy.

Well, there i was, in the reception of the hostel in Boston and i says to the receptionist, more of a way of making conversation than anything else.

Me: 'So, where should i go to ?'
Her: 'If i was you i'd go to Conways'
Me: Right, so, i'll go, where is it ?

After further inspection of the map i was off to the bus station and off i went to one of the most beautiful towns (in the fall mind you, in the winter you'd freeze your balls off, or if you didn't have balls as one Irish girl commented on the Paris Winter.
'Kieran, my nipples are so cold, i could cut glass with them', very handy, you could open a glass company and cut down on costs in the winter, not so handy if you have balls though ?
Back to Conway, walked around and too about 100 photos, amazing weather, couldnt believe my luck.
That night, the weather forecast guy, i was paying attention this time (I even sat up straight) said, tomorrow it will rain, and do you know something ? It did, all day too and the next day he said it will be sunny, and it was, all day.

Come to think of it, the place is called 'New England' and in 'New England' they seem to have gotten a few things right, like the weather, none of your wishy washy weather bullshit, 'Oh no here comes a flood, everybody to the Ark, where's the Fuckin' Ark ?' Do you see what i mean ?

New Hampshire is my kind of place, some people like cups of tea (at 2 if your the Queen, tell her i said hello), some people like horse riding, some cowboys like hanging out with other coyboys and camping with strange noises coming from the tent as the camera zooms out and lets it to your imagination, some people like their balls slammed on doors (this one i'm not making up)
I like the fall, whats strange is the tattoo i got in Ireland features 2 mapel leafs as they would be in the fall, anyway this place is heaven, to someone that likes the fall.

Peace out

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