Thursday, November 01, 2007

Met Clint Eastwood's twin

A visitor touches a light in the shape of the moon at the Tokyo Designer's Week exhibition.

Yes as you can tell by the title, you already know what i'm going to say, but i wanted to make a big impact, so that you'd be ready for the news, good news at that.

One of my heros, growing up (I wasn't always this size you know), and when i finished growing up, i started growing out, then in, then out, gust like a squeeze box.
I met Clint Eastwood's twin, oh what a joy, i was tempted to start asking him about the Sagetti western's and would he take a bullet for George 'The Decider' or 'Dictator', because he did in the movie 'In the line of fire' anyway, he was telling me about a religion that was very popular about 150 years ago, they were and are called 'The shakers', they believed in shaking to get rid of your sins, sounds interesting, i wonder did they get into limbo dancing ?
Anyway it was no sex rule, but they made great furniture, so they did create things, no social workers needed there.

Saw a state patrol officer coming out of Dunkin Donuts and i asked him what kind of car he was driving, and let me tell you, it was like talking to 'Robocop'
the walk, the talk, the car, all robocop, it would make you wonder if he ever believed in Santa Clause ?
I got a stern 'Dodge Charger' out of him then, robocop's clone drove off, very serious stuff, but he likes dunken donuts and coffee, so i suppose i can relate to him that way, but dont we all ?

Left Conways and arrived in Concord in time to hear a republican, give a speach, and after hearing him talk. Fuckin' hell, where do they get these people, do they clone them with Bill O'Reilley's sperm.
Here's what he'll do, more war, fight terrorisim, fight what, where ?
He's gong to make everything better. Thanks very much, what about healthcare ?

Tough shit in the US of A.

Peace out

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Anonymous said...

I think you're explaining why I actually hate Boston and a large portion of the North East. haha

In college they called 'em the red hats. ;-)