Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nothing good here, not even a picture to read

Quebec will look great on hir birthday, when all the renovations are done.
I wonder what kind of birthday will it be ?

Would it be one of those kids birthday you get at MacDonalds where everybody gets a happy meal with a toy, a toy and it`s not even Christmas.

Would the town get no homework ? Or would it be just a bunch of adults standing around reminising on the Napeolion wars and where France went wrong.

I`m betting it will be none of the above and a very civilized affair, the kind of thing i`d never get envited to and if i did, i wouldnt be envited back, but then the part 2 would be in a 100 years and i`d be dead by then, unless i was cloned, and the clone wasn`t envited, i dont care either way, i didn`t want to go anyway. So there!

On second draft, you get an image, you`ve earned it

Went looking for the bubble bath that washes off sin that i saw last night while hanging out with the smokers, one of them was a self confessed OLD model, you could add has a few issues to boot, but i suppose she was a product of her profession.
Beauty is skin deep and uglyness runs to the bone

I was thinking about the speeches for the 100 year anniversary some around here must be in the midst of writing and the amounts of paper in the scrap heap with the following open lines

`It pleases me standing here today` lame Start again
`I would like to say` I`m already saying Start again

Thats what i was thinking about.

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