Monday, November 19, 2007

I like Toronto and it likes me,if only i could give it a little pat on the ass

I'm a rodeo king, yee haw !

Here goes
Left Ottowa,was getting a bit too used to lying on the couch watching tv, might give it a go sometime, in 'Real life', but not now,not all the time right now.

So after feeling like a couch potatoe (i like potatoes), i moved on to Toronto.

With everyone telling how bad Toronto is,i wasn't expecting much, so my standards were set on low.
I was expecting crack addicts and drive by shootings, but, not so, not at all so.

Pause for a break,i've been wondering about this next bit, 50 cent PIMP,i dont speak his language, here is what he says

In Hollywood, they say there no b'ness like show b'ness
In the hood, they say, theres no b'ness like ho b'ness
They say I talk a lil' fast, but if you listen a lil' faster
I ain't got to slow down for you to catch up, BITCH

Hot box cafe in Kensington

I was in a cafe yesterday and overheard some people talking, one of the things said, 'When you point the finger at someone else's problems, you are creating 2 problem's', worth thinking about.

The Aussie guy in my room went to Egypt in May, you can now take of the Phoenix and a pyramid, while holding a slice of Pizza in Pizza hut or Burger from Burger king. So much choice, and there i was eating shish kebablike an eejit, maybe Egypt is ripe for a revisit? (Thinking out loud, feckit', there are better places to waste my time)

Went to the Christmas parade today, it'sone of the best in North America, they cant say 'Happy Christmas', it's 'Happy holidays', happy indeed.

Pigeons get some heat in Toronto, humans do the same too, clever humans !

Met an old priest after a scientologist handed us a flyer for free IQ test, it brought us together, well for about 15 min, thanks scientoligy.

We were rapping away about the amount of homless people sleeping on the streets, with heaps of limos flying buy, theres a bit of a void between the haves and have not, the have nots sleep over the warm vents from the subway, pretty much like the homeless kids in St Petersburg Russia and the rich people, well the rich people dont, and they dont need to improvise on heating either, they just switch it to the 'On' position.

Then i went back to Kensingston, the day floated on and on

And it continues from here.....

Back in Kensington i went to my now favourite restaurant, i have only been to one, it is called 'Hot box', blazin' place.

Irish town Quebec

Met an old trucker there, he told me how he would drive from Canada to Florida, in one shot, stopping 4 times for fuel, no sleep, and Canada to Calafornia in something like 36 hours, and he would do from 3-5 thousand miles a week, hard to believe, he did it on speed and pot, doesn't sound too safe to me

He once got stuck in Ohio in a snow storm and was rescued from his truck after being stranded for 4 days

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