Saturday, November 10, 2007

Went button shopping, and had a great time

My first Canadians game, Player of the year trophy

Yesterday i decided it was time i put a button on my jeans by way of manual labour
So....with the task and budget defined i set off out to the mean streets of Quebec.

I went into any shop, missed a few and then went to other`s that wernt shops, it coming into winter and not many tourists around, conversation was flowing, to and from my direction.

Ìt appears that people in Quebec like to talk when they become bored, fine by me.

Street art

Got hints on going to Mexico, it would appear, when you want a taxi in Mexico, you ask for `Not a taxi`, or just a `Collectivo`, the difference being in a Collectivo, the price can be much much lower and the taxi drive gets to stop for other people.

If been in public buses, train`s and even travelled with chickens, pigs and a few tonnes of coconuts, so i`ll remember that one.

This was taken in Canada (Quebec)

Ended going into a second hand store in the end i was told she had a jar of buttons, no jar was to be found, but what to be found was a pair of shoes, when i saw them i said to myself, I`m having those`, so in the end, i took out the shoelace from my old shoes, used it to tie my jeans together (Worzel gummage eat your heart out), i now know why people like shoping so much, it is lots of fun.

Worzel Gummage

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