Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All i wanted to do was walk to Manhattan, and i did it !!

Meself and Jackie throwing shapes on the dance floor
Note: When i arose from the couch next morning there was a hole in the pants i was wearing that you could stick your head in, that or, Jackie you must have very big hands, you wolf :)

So, practiced my lines yesterday (yesterday being a Monday) but first i updated my blog, yes my blog, i wrote words and put them into sentences (and you just read the pictures)

Walked, yes walked, from Queens to Manhattan, and what an experience that was, you wont find that on too many tourist guides or many people recommending it either. My friend Ali didn't know it could be done, it is possible, like i said, i did it, were you paying attention?

Jackie (this is how i spell it, i don't go for no fancy French spellings) and Ali

Got over the obvious bridge and was walking into some detention center, the guard stopped me (you'd think the razor wire would be a hint)
He tells me 'There are bad people in here', i suppose there's a slim shady in everyone, but with that place there is a bit more 'Shady' to the 'Slims'

He told me to get the bus across the street, i says ok,it was raining, then i says to meself 'Feck it, i'll walk it', so off i went and found the pedestrian 'On ramp', and off i went to Harlem.

Now in Harlem, lots of colored guys hanging out on the corner, every sentence had 'Nigger'. That's racist, hasn't anyone told them that.
Saw one guy greet his colleague on the street, with some 2 handed sign
Ali tells me, that was a gang greeting, 'Hello there' is so 'Old fashioned'

If you were white you'd be in trouble. As I'm writing this i'm listening to Steve Rachmad - Outhouse Soest, Netherlands - September, 2007

A female voice cut in in the music speaking about 'Civil rights', which brings me to 'Bill Cosby'
Bill Cosby has been very vocal recently about colored people, all the fighting for a right to be educated in the 50's and 60's and there's guys hanging out on the street that cant even talk English. Guys making millions playing sports and they cant even write a paragraph. I now know what he's on about.

I passed 116st, where in the movie 'American Gangster', he used to sell $1 million dollars of drugs a day, or was it 112 street, anyway it's the projects
The projects being high rise flats for poor people.

I walked from there to Madison av, it was like walking into a different world, passing shops selling diamonds and little poodles with their own shoes, and the shop windows, VERY NICE

In Melbourne every year, people in Melbourne line up to take a look at the Myers windows, it was like that, but everywhere, no lining up required thank you.

Stopped off on the way and ordered a falafel (i meant a kebab) and asked for chili sauce (hot sauce) and lots of garlic sauce, to which the guy says
'What is this garlic sauce' and so on, i just wanted to keep walking, 'I ended up getting the falafel' and i was like 'Oh fuck, not this', but the guy was wrecking my head, and the worst would be on the way, so i got out of there. I was thinking maybe he might have heard of this 'Fancy' sauce.

I mean if your cooking food where people put garlic sauce into it, you might have heard of it, maybe one of us wasn't speaking English no good

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