Thursday, December 20, 2007

Greenwich part 2

Finally got some sense and started with moisturizers for my face and it went from being a desert to an oasis '...Trip inside the eye of your mind, don’t you know you might find', not the band, the place in the desert. But I cant imagine any camels parked on my face for water. Not my cup of tea

Female stimulation required, until a point, maybe after pancakes, then, I have to go :)

Was at a bar last night and some guys from Brooklyn were throwing hot candle wax at each other, Hot stuff!!!
Went out another night to a bar near Canal st, Moomia, the place was painted like an Egyptian burial chamber, there was even an Egyptian coffin in the basement.

Went on the NBC tour Conan O'Brien and Saturday night live, when I came out I could see the Rockefeller Square, 3 guards and 1 cop guarding the Christmas tree

One of the highlights was going to see the Rockettes at radio city, and it was a highlight once more, because I went again, if I was a kid it would be one of the best days of my life (This is one of the disadvantages of getting older)

Went to Broadway saw:
Mark Twains 'Is he dead', good phrase 'Don’t worry, it gets worse'
Phantom of the Opera, not cheap, even at half the cost $61, then went to a great gig at club 55, near perfect day!!!

Interesting things i learnt with my eyes
Andy Warhol - Art is what you can get away with.
Perfume is a great space filler, I love wearing perfume

One to think about
English saying 'Do you worst', if you can't tolerate you worst now and again. How true to yourself can you be?

A bit of research what was the Irish myth 'The hell fire club' doesn’t sound very Irish does it?
I read this 'Hell is a permanent and crippling form of self loathing'

Check out 'Delirium Tremens' - Christy Moore

New page, fresh canvas.
Lets see if it will be any good. Remember no exceptions, no surprises, not here anyway
Went to hang out with Jackie (after her job interview), had coffee in Little Italy and then went for beers (after trying on some Cowboy boots) in Americas busiest station

Had a great night, Jackie’s friend was into collecting antiques, a regular Lovejoy (English series starring Ian Mac Shane)
He had a lighter for $450, Tiffany’s, not my thing, too cold to smoke, too cold for a lot of things.
Flash back of the song 'Too drunk to fuck'

One of Jackie’s greatest moment's 'Not admitting anything or omitting anything'

Last daze in the big apple
Went to club 55 for a gig I was assured would be better than Stern, Mr. Mike Stern, and it was good.
Qing for ages, didn't make it to the great gig in the sky or the Lower east side. Too cold for venturing around the city.
That’s why people take Taxi's, I like to keep it real, it works out cheaper that way and maybe better maybe, maybe.

Went to Circus de Sole, Wintuk, it's about a boy and his wish to see it snowing, He should go to Canada, plenty of snow there.
The Circus is from Quebec, tones of show there, but they measure it in meters.
I came out of Madison Square garden and it was snowing, problem solved.

The Wintuk program was $15, people must be growing money on trees, saw apples for $1, must be growing them on trees too.

A guy today asked me if I was Jewish, I nearly laughed, but on reflection, I am circumcised, and if I was to switch (from what you'd be forgiven for thinking) to the religion
that Jesus practiced, it wouldn't be a problem as long as I wouldn't have to do anything.

Went to the 25th Annual spelling B, very good.

Went out with a South African and some French guys and the most boring Aussie I have ever met.
The South African was so sure of himself, just another left, one more block, he eventually hailed down a taxi for directions (big mistake, they don’t give directions)
and he was just about to open the door and the taxi took off, we were so pissed off and it was so funny, we had to laugh, hard!!

Ended up going a club that had just opened, the South African had plenty of gay guys hit on him, he wasn't too impressed, something is always better than nothing.
So then the French guys start smoking, because some other guys are.

But interesting enough, Carolina in one of the few states where you can smoke in Bars and Restaurants, the state was founded on Tabasco, no ill affects, not financially anyway.

Went to see Chicago the play, not really my cup of tea really, but it is the US of A, and they drink piss weak coffee.

Discovered a really cheap Chinese next to an Irish bar near Madison’s square garden, what a winner, General Choy’s chicken was a winner a few times. I'm getting plenty of chicken and beef.

Had a flash back of a quote a bus driver said to me driving to Doolin, near the Cliffs of Moher
'Dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit'

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