Thursday, December 20, 2007

Grenwich village part 1

Went to the village, saw a blues guitarist that looked like the guy out of driving Miss Daisy, Ray Shinner, he was singing one song called 'Heavy women excite me', really good stuff.

Saw these girls in NY, very good

Went from there to blue note jazz club, saw 'Andy Bea', I’m not much of a fan, the write up on the program sounded very good, then was next door to 'Groove', lots of celebrity photos, there was a great band blowing (It is NY and that's how they do it). It was pissing rain outside, dry inside, lovely

We're all strangers until we become friends.

Jackie's site is

I read this one-day walking from Queens to Manhattan, 'The love of music is the love of rhythms'. Speaking of that, that day I walked over 2 bridges, and eventually got to Spanish Harlem, there's guys hanging out on the corner saying things like 'Motherfuckin' niggas up in this mudafucker', then I start coming into Manhattan and there's women walking poodles, the poodles have shoes, and there's people selling Diamonds in the shops.

Called into 'Cafe Wha', as it turns out, that's where Jimi Hendrix was discovered. There was a great band playing and even the waiter sang a verse, had to tip a bit extra, it's not everyday the guy serving beer is as good as the band.

I call this bit 'Things you were a bit unsure about or just plain ignorant about'
Subterrianians -
Herbivore -
Mammals; they have hair, mother has milk and they have a hearing bone.

I was thinking about one of the signs of the body’s exhibition.
There's only a .01% difference between a vegetarian, Neo-Nazi or a Somalian farmer using 20 litres of water a day or an American using 200 litres a day.

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