Thursday, December 20, 2007

Talk is cheap, internet time is expencive, now here it is

Been a long time, been a long time and now here it is, this is it.

Since I last wrote, I checked out of 'Rancho relaxo' in Queens and moved into Chelsea, and do you know what?
It was a good thing, Chelsea was walking distance to all the things I wanted to do, Broadway and the Village.

One of the reasons I stayed on was to hear Mike Stern play at the Club 55, I was told he played there on Wednesday, I waited until Wednesday
His wife showed up, Leni Stern, a German guitarist, she gave me a CD because her PA was broken. I gave it to Jackie. Good rhythm section, has potential.

Met an English guy, Oliver and he came to Club 55, I was talking to a chick from San Francisco, they went out for a smoke, in the freezing cold (Dedicated smokers) and never came back, that guy worked quick!

I met a guy from Manchester and told him about the gig, he came, he went out to 'Have a cigarette' with the chick next to us and never came back, funny. Went to 454 West 20th st, to see the house where Jack K. started writing 'On the road', my pilgrimage to Mecca. The builders waiting for a lift thought it was a bit strange for some guy to walk up and just start taking pictures of 1 house.

Read this at a market 'Anger grows in the bosom of fools' I’d be inclined to agree, now all I have to do is remember it.
Went out one night with a Luke from Brisbane and we hit the Bermuda triangle of Jazz clubs in the village. We got to sit right up front in one place while they played Stevie Wonder and Hendrix, and as soon a they played 1 Hendrix, someone said '2 for the price of 1 Hendrix' and it was on again. Very cool.

Met 2 Irish guys one day while I was seeking shelter from the elements and that's all you would be doing if you were walking around in NY. One of them was from Wicklow and Clare. Nice guys, builders, end of this.

Read this in some paper
Aries - Wild Peals of laughter will surround you this week when your struck in the balls by cancer
Gemini - You've tried to go it alone but, sadly, what the act of sexual stimulation needs is a woman’s touch.

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, I went to the bodies exhibit, saw damaged lungs from smoking, a lot of people must have been convinced of the
smoking ill affects and ditched their cigarettes, and if you saw all the things that are wrapped up and stuck in your body and just seem to 'work', you would do it too.
Came out of the bodies exhibit and had a beer and oatmeal burger, just had enough money too, very nice.

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