Thursday, December 20, 2007

Made it to DC

Went to DC, Chinese guy told me I could get a map at the corner store, turns out there was no corner store. Why didn't he just say 'I don’t know'

Wharehouse party in Brooklyn, The Danger party

And then I was thinking, if I see an Irish bar, I can see what the craic is, and there was one across the street, I got pointed the right direction and got a map, I was in business.

Something interesting
Went to the Native American museum.
Native Americans believed in 7 generations forward and backwards, your ancestors made a lot of sacrifices 7 generations so that you could be here and they think 7 generations forward, maybe a bit like chess players

Indians never say goodbye they say 'I hope to see you well when I see you again'

One tribe of Indians had a jump dance to make bad things and sickness go away
The Shaker religion comes from this, the shakers were very popular about 150 years ago

South American Indians
These ere boys liked to put gold in their fields because they thought it absorbed the sun's energy, they even tied gold to their crops.
Gold was not used as a currency. So when the Spanish arrived and saw all this Gold on the ground, you could imagine the excitement. [Hmmm imagining]

Gold was used to fund the Renaissance, before the renaissance there was 50 years of bloodshed and mayhem, Switzerland had 500 years of peace and all they came up with was the cuckoo clock maybe if they had some gold it would have been a dancing Chicken (Thinks about it, nawwwww)

80% - 90% of Native American people were wiped out before the Spanish stumbled on the new world (lead by an Italian)
It would appear Small pox showed it's ugly little head in 1493 in the Caribbean wiping out the natives in Jamaica and Puerto Rico before coming up more north.

Interesting European timelines
1581 potatoes arrive in Europe
1603 tobacco goes to Asia by Iberian merchants
So too for Corn and Chocolate
Monks guarded the chocolate recipe for a long time and the drink was only for the elite
1740 Corn fuels the African population fueling slave trade

3 of the biggest influences on American history, native Indians call them the 3 Storms
Guns, Treaties (most of them were broken by the Americans) and religion

Highlights of DC
Day 1
Couldn't have a beer as I couldn't prove that I was 21 or have been 21, ID is very much-required thing, no beer for me, i could have had man boobies and pants up to my neck with my personal nurse wheeling me in the door

No beer

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