Friday, January 18, 2008

Got to Rosario, found a computer now this

Fireworks San Francisco 2008

Went out the other night, ok, i was walking around, the place was dead, i found 2 guys having a beer, so i made introductions and conversation started to flow.

Mr Steve - From the San Diego Zoo

Ok, one of the guys i met was Mr Steve (this is not his real name)
Mr Steve works for the San Diego Zoo, he transports animals all over the world for his zoo. Mr Steve was in India delivering Rinos and all the Indians thought he was Steve Irwin, Steve Irwin had been dead for some time at this point. All the Indian guys were taking photos of him telling him ´This is the happiest day of my life Mr Steve´ and taking photo´s of him with their camera phones.

So had to get a photo, i too told hime it was the happiest day of my life, not to be undone by some indians. He looked happy.

North beach San Francisco

Mr Steve and his buddy Edgar left and the story continues, i being by myself went over to 2 Americans and asked them if they would mind if i joined them, one of them looked very stern and said ´I would´, right so said i and went back to watching ultimate fighting, Tito Ortiz was doing the business, Dolly Parton was singing, Monday night 10.30pm

Later he came over to me and said sorry, so here goes

Admiting your wrong can be a good thing. Interested??? Read on.
By him saying sorry made it all better, so i´m writing this, so don´t forget it, if your reading it, remember it, coz it´s true. Try it out!!

Noticed this while having a beer in Enselada

I was supposed to meet Mr Steve in the morning, but instead went out met and English guy, played pool, had my Credit card eaten by a machine, they should feed those machines.

The funny thing is i have a duplicate card, brand spanking new, and banks here destroy all cards, so everything is ok.

The card that was taken was damaged in Columbia and i requested a new one, but it still worked, so it´s take 2 (takes a sigh of relief)

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