Saturday, February 02, 2008

39th post for January, a personal best, the words are flowing

If 50 cent lived here, it would have been more than 8 times

Watched a movie the other night with Robert Redford and Brad (there`s only one, oh Brad, he`s so dreamy you say, you might be right, but i`ve given up beer and i`m coing along in leaps and bounds, so feck him)

Anyway in the movie the organise for Brand and his lover (not Angelina or Jen, another chick, what a floozie?) to get out of jail in Communist China (they are helping to fund the `War of Terrosim`, to bring Demoracy to the middle east, right?`

Anyway there`s a power cut in China, it`s all part of the great plan, without power the Chinnese can`t see to good (they sould open their eyes more)

Anyway there`s a power cut in my room too, it was too funny, the plan worked a little too good, very funny!!!

The Bass player from Mexico the other night was telling me how he was talking to a guy from Peru and another from Argentina, all speaking Spanish, and had great difficulty understanding each other, they were all speaking Spanish.

People understand me better when i speak Spanish,i know the feeling, english has failed me.

The Arch, Cabo San Lucas

Will from London was telling me how, now that he`s home he says `Hola` and `Gracias` in the local shops and feels a bit stupid.

His family is getting a bit pissed off with him throwing toilet paper in the bathroom bit (it`s what you do in South America, the toilets block easily)
Much to the annoyance of his family

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