Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I think i`ll tell you about the hostel in Guadalajara

Lucha Libre, Mexican Wrestling

There`s not many hostels in Mexico, the one in Guadalajara was special, full of lots on nice people, the place went from being like a monestry to drunkeness and deborachy, non of that when i was there, just cups of coffee, and tea, in the end

Firstly i want to tell you, that Tequila 100% wont give you a hangover, or at least thats what the man said, the stuff with sugar mixed in will give you a hangover, most Tequila is 100%, which is not really 100%, it just has water added.

You dont have to go to a hangover hospital

Saw Mike Stern play, the elecrticty went out on stage, then one of his amps went out, and they just kept playing, if you closed your eyes, you wouldn`t have been able to tell

After Stern, i came back to the hostel and rang Carlos, found the house party that was really a bar, after that bar we went to a club that was a residential house converted to a club, in a residential neighbourhood, and parked in someones driveway, hey this is Mexico.

Carlos was very keen to find love, love did not find him or recognise him, he came back to crash at the hostel on a double bunk.

I got into bed, he tells me he`s too high to sleep, he was 6 feet in the air.

Some backpackers alarm kept going off `Too ta too, de tooo`, then he`d hit snoose, then again, again. Then i said `Good morning to him`, then it all stopped, when i woke up the place was deserted.

Darragh is having his cornflakes when i come out singing `Where`s your head at`, i was fine, my head was where it always located, between my legs.....

The hostel had a French guy, that looked German, that slept in the common room, he had a bed, but didnt like sleeping there.

If you rub Tequila on your hands and it doesn`t smell like alchol, it`s good. It should smell like when the Pine comes out of the boiled process.

I was teling a Japanese girl a story and she was saying `Oooooghhhh`, very Japanese.

I think i`ll go there next year

The nutcracker was playing when i was writing all this, so here you go

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