Friday, February 15, 2008

To Zacatecus and beyond

Zacatecus at night

Got the bus to Zacatecus, Torreon doesn´t seem to have much in the way of tourisim maybe tourists are a bit weary since Pancho Villa went through there and slaughtered 200 Chinese.

Maybe in 2008 English could be the new Chinese, anyway, no hotels, no room at a good price, i went back to the bus station and we went to Zacatecus.
Onwards into the furture, so far it´s been good.

Zacatecus from the air

Crossed another timezone. The clock in Torreon said so, 3rd time in 6 weeks. Slow build up. Not too much too soon

The sunset was really cool, we were going to Durango, where all the westerns were made.

Cowboy rides into town

Heading West into the sunset. Really nice.

It´s pretty funny after all the land American stole off of Mexico, they need to come down to Mexico to make their American movies, maybe if they took better care of the land they stole, they wouldn´t need to?

Watched a movie in Italian, even though it was in Italian, it was kind of similar to Spanish.
It was also one of the best movies i´ve seen in a while.

A couchsurfer in met last week was learning Italian, because she knew one Italian guy working in a restaurant and she liked the way it sounded, she also was learning Slovenian, because she was chatting online with some guy from Slovenia, and of course French.

Zacatecus from the air

I´m having enough trouble with Spanish, in Mexico, with real Mexicans, most of them cant speak english, and i like it....

Hey, i´m understanding Spanish

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Chris Starkie said...

Great blog! I should have looked at this sooner! Anything specific to look forward to in Zacatecus?