Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Taking too many pictures, no time for the words

Largest lake in Mexico with Darragh and Jose from Couch surfing

Darragh, or DJ Druid had other videos too

I was hanging out with a couch surfer in Zacatacus and she was telling me, in Mexico when someone says `I lost 4 kilos`, someone will always say, `I found them`

Found this a while back, Zen habbits

Tequila tasting in Tequila

Met another couch surfer in Guanajahara, Jamie.

He was telling me when himself and his buddies were 14 or 15 they would go to the polica and say `We are going to be drinking and driving around the place tonigh, so here`s 200 pesos in advance`

If they were stopped, they would give the cops name they paid off and off they would go and try and not bump into any moving trees or hit little old ladies jumping out on the road!!

Audrey from Paris

Audrey Hepburn at 59 years young, not bad

Easy name to remember, due to Audrey Hepburn

When you park a car in any city in Mexico, even if it is free parking, someone needs to be paid, if you dont pay something in Guadajara for example, your car could be damaged or a light could be taken off and you might have to go to a market and buy the same one back.

It seems like they have invented a whole new Auto revenue stream, i`m sure most car manufacturers havent thought of that one.....yet

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