Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hi ho, hi ho, it´s off to work i dont go

Copper Canyon train ride

Super Bowl 2008
Met a self confessed ´Red neck´ from mississippi (who in real life was a Pharmacist for Wal Mart)

Here´s the chant, it was very funny with 30 young and old Mexicans in the room

Hotty Toddy
Hotty Toddy, gosh almighty,
Who the hell are we?
Flim Flam, Bim Bam, OLE MISS BY DAMN!

Watched the Super Bowl, good game, not that i would have known, i thought it was good, luckily, so too did the rest of people i talked too (one of the best games in years, so i´m told)
The crew from the hostel came back from the free feed at the hostel after the game, Americans among them, might need to check their passports carefully America when they cross that border.

Might need to ask them, if they saw Eli´s winning pass? No? Sorry, you cant come in, go back.

The 2 german girls entered the fray, folowed by the local Mexican Macaruchi band with 2 locals, lubeing them up with Taquiela.

I said ´You wont remember a thing in the morning girls´, but that seemed like half the point.

I left and came back, no one was back at the ranch, so i went back out to find the craic.

Mexican Scouts having a dance

I did see the American college kids (female and male), sparks were flying (and i´ll get to that bit later, saucey)

Got to the bar, enter back door and i did.

Not soon later in comes the Mexican Macaruchi band, in an effort to entertain, the oldest guy gets up on the bar and stamps his stuff (older generation was touching out to the youth) and it was entertaining too, but after a few drinks anything is entertaining.

I had no beer all day, the no beer diet is working.

I could have stayed on and had some more, to the sweet voice of Madonna, but decided against and followed the crowd back, it was about the only time i followed the crowd, no complaints here.

Speaking of complaints, the chick that i met with the American was telling me this morning that the guy she was with was telling her that he

Didn´t want to be in a relationship
Didn´t think it was going to work out
Wanted to be friends
Blah, blah, blah

This was while they were in bed, he was probably feeling a bit lighter (technically speaking) She wasn´t happy, this was normally her speech to guys.

Anyway they weren´t speaking and a crew of 8 in total piled into a 4 X 4 to go travelling, with 2 Danish chicks.

It wouldn´t have been long for the American guys to go putting the moves on the Danish chicks (isn´t multi culturism wonderful ?) in front of her.

I would love to have seen it..............from a distance

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