Monday, February 04, 2008

Tom Robbin's could be a Guru. Mine, all Hail !!

Waterfront, La Paz, Mexico

I've been reading a bit of Tom Robbins and he never ceses to amaze me
he throws in things like
How a woman used her boyfriend as cheap transportation

Dreams don't come true, they are true
When 1 thing gets better, another thing has to get worse.
A big front has a big back

Another day in the life of a fool (he expands this one to say, people who are not afraid to be seen as a fool achieve more), i agree.

When ever you are confused + ovewr wraught, pause for a few moments and contemplate some moment in history

Choo, choo up the Copper Canyon

People dont become heavy with wisdom, they become lighter

Remodelling always twice as long as it's supposed to be (In my house i have to come home from travelling)

It's hard to imagine an old fire horse not responding to one last fire bell

He reminded me about an American guy i met in Daharamsala India that was learning about the I Ching, and now you can too.

Been having some strange dreams, going to have to do a Sigmund Freud on myself and see whats
going on. I could be all broken, time to take me back to the garage.

Memory fails me on the details, details (voice of Dr Dre "Lets stay out of the small shit")of these dreams, but as Tom Robbins would say
Dreams don't come true, they are true

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