Friday, February 08, 2008

Stuff i learn´t the easy way, a book with no pictures

A woofer dog, Mexican style

American Chris was telling me about Frank Black and a song ´Pan American Highway´, i will be on it in a few days, so take note.

Tom Robbins, has a chacter that´s described as not:
Attacking but Engaging
Defending but Expanding
Destroying but Transforming
Rejecting but Exploring

Interesting, he goes on

You can´t love yourself unless you are in charge of your own actions, and you´ll never take charge as long as you can get away with blaming your shortcomings and misfortunes on your family or society or your race or gender or.... you get the idea.

16 year old driver gets a little help

Back to the Choo Choo Train.

American Chris was pouring Taquila into a cup when the cunductor sits opposite us in need of some conversation/entertainment, so i go over and talk to him, so he´s not looking over at Chris. Before we know it there´s 3 security guards and his father all around us, all having a nice conversation (no one spoted the cup, was it half empty , was it half full? I guess we´ll never know)

The conductors father has worked on the train for 29 years and he´s related to everyone on the train, good thing or bad thing? Who can tell?

American chris is up looking at the guards mace spray, handcuffs, batton, he wouldn´t show him the gun and before we knew it we were making plans for clubs the following night, one of the club names was mentioned ´Molina Roha´, i´m thinking for a few seconds. Oh, ´Moulon Rouge´, i´ll bet there´s some good craic there´.

The conductor of 29 years gave me a new word for ´Lepreauchan´ and it´s ´Pitufo´

The guards were really cool, when the boys got on the train, they wanted a ´bicycle tax´ 50 pesos for each, now we were all friends, there was no sign of getting it back.

Handy for doing a bit of cooking

10 out of 10 to american chris for doing his best to keep conversation flowing with his Spanglish, it served him well. English Chris was starting to hear words, and all the time he had a cup of Taquiela hidden between his legs.

We were all the best of friends, no fear of anything being taken away. We were all good boy´s.

She´ll be comin down the mountain......

One of the guards told us his sister sold pot, could have been an opening line, i wasn´t buying any. But good for his sister, everyone should choose something in life and be good at it, she sells pot.
I´m good at doing not very much, or so i think until people tell me that they admire me. They certainly aren´t using the same mirror i´ve been using.

We told the guard where we were from, one of them looks at English Chris and says ´De Donde Eres Harry Potter´ (Where are you from Harry Potter´) the guy that fixed my bag was on about it too, he´s a popular fellow Harry Potter, Chris is popular too, but not that popular

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