Friday, February 08, 2008

South americans are very resourceful indeed

Our protection on the Copper Canyon, Mexico

Finished Tom Robbins, half asleep in frog pajamas, it´s crack cocaine for the brain

Osho here is a big influence on Tom, so take a look

Anybody who gives you a belief system is your enemy.

I feel like i´ve been somewhat educated by Tom Robbins, that or my head feels like it´s be through a double glazed window. Tom says half of Americans are semi literate, dont know i feel except for enlighted, and that´s enough.

A German guy was telling me about the time he went down the ´Devils Nose´ in Ecuador.

Train stops, brakes are faulty, so he´s taking photos of them fixing the brakes with what ever they have, a bit of firewood.

Off they go, he gets to ride with the driver, they have a crew of 10 to help put the train back on track (it would apperar it has a mind of it´s own, and maybe the train thinks it´s a car, bad train)

Brakes are faulty, out again, off again, then a truck hit´s the train and a wheel goes flying past.

Before the wheel stops, the conductor is off after it and pulls out the innertube and uses it to fix the brakes, happy days, and off they go, Choo
The German guy was very amused, no one would believe that in Germany!

Free to be funny, Osho

Other things, American Chris likes ´Fat kid fuel´, he´s really thin and never stops eating

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