Monday, February 11, 2008

It only takes a match to light a fire

Mirian from Couchsurfing

The story continues, but first USA Chris was saying ´I´m eating my honey sweet bread and watching my stories´, thats TV to you and I.

House Special in the oldest Cantina in Chiwahwa

Pancho Villa´s fire was lit when he was 16, he was working as a share cropper when he heard about how a neighbour tried to sexually assault his sister being, she was 12.
He came back to his home, confronted his neighbour, and shot him dead.

Life would never be the same, he went on the run and ended up becoming a bandit.

Any town he went to he would kill all chinese people, he killed 200 Chinese immigrants at Torreon. It turns out his sister married a oriental man, he did not take it well. He must have iked his sister, the fire in him was lit and by now it was a raging bush fire.

Pancho Villa´s right hand man was a fellow nicknamed ´The Butcher´, his mammy probably called him ´Rodofo´, thats probably what mammy Fierro called him. To other´s ´The butcher´. He was the guy who controlled Pancho Villa´s bodyguards or ´The golden ones´, a dangerous bunch of criminals, murders, rapists, nasty people.

Rodofo Fierro didn´t want any ´Sissies´ in his group.
They had a 12 year old kid as the Bugle boy, not much play time there.

Restaurant for hangovers in Creal

The guy from the hostel comes into our room. He was in last night too complaining about the noise, there was 6 of us in there, USA was making a racket for 20 people, second was New Zealand. Hurrah!!!

I was soooo hungry

So the old guy on reception ´Martin´, tells us he´s 65, it was USA´s birthday, he was 23. Martin tells USA he´s young. He tells us he has 9 sons.

USA says, ´You must fuck like a rabbit´, ´Martin´ is gone, it was hillarious!!
He didn´t speak much english, some how he knew what USA said, somehow :)

USA was telling me how he once went into a canteen and sat next to some innocent and niave kids and pipes up.

I was knockin´ boot´s....., knockin´ boot´s...., Whooo
I woz knockin´ boot´s, knockin´ boot´s
Woz you knockin´ boot´s? I was knockin.... boot´s

Saw this in the toilet in the Bus, naughty naughty

Shortly afterwards, one of the guys one the table stands up scratched his head and walks off, some of the others get up look at each other and walk off.

His friend said it was the most extreme case of Alienation

Found this, knockin´ boot´s

USA is going to be reincarnate as a donkey in Tijuana mexico, then he´ll be ´Nockin´ hoofs´

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