Friday, February 08, 2008

Someone puked in a French mans sink, everyone is kicked out

I awoke this morning to an Irate French man, all i hear is ´You have 15 minutes to get out´, this pattern is repeated around the room, then something occured to me ´Something must of happened´

He informs me, someone puked in the sink, and you make 3 (he´s really clever at sums), your out. 2 + 1 = 3, clever eh?

English Chris puked in the sink, and to be fair, i imagine a French mans temper flaring at the sight of processed burrito´s, beer, wine and taquila, i really can.

He did say when we checked in that ´He didn´t mind as long as no one puked in the hostel´
We had 2 Chris´s to pick from, it was 50/50. English Chris stepped up to the challenge (at least he made it to the sink)

I did buy the last round, so i´m sorry France, i´ve picked a little tune for you

I don´t have any regret´s, the guy was so uptight, he should only have nun´s that want to let their hair down and drink tea.

So, my bag is packed in no time, English Chris goes to pick the little bits of seasoned Burritos out of the sink (it was enough to make a little girl scream)

English Chris takes about an hour to pack, i was expecting a crazy French man to come in flapping his arms and defy gravity for a few seconds. :)

USA Chris is out in front of the hostel, he´s got a puncture in the front and back tyre (5 in fact and about 200 thorns in his tyre´s)

USA Chris is hung over and doing his best fixing the punctures in front of the hostel, he´s saying ´My Fuckin´ head hurts´. It is 8.09am an hour and a half later, we (are 3) for the new day.

USA Chris say´s ´I fuckin´ hate putting on the back tyre. It aint fun´, this is true

Passing the local prison USA Chris asks ´Cuando cuesto una noche´ to about 15 prison guards´, the head guy says it´s free, USA Chris keeps going.

Sunset, Cabo San Lucas

All the other guards tell me the boss is crazy, i dont hang around to find out. It was all hillarious.

In the hostel we got kicked out of there is a poster for ´Pancho Villa´, ´Reward $10,000´ it says, i wonder how much ´Us 3´ would fetch, in a ´Buyers market´?

4 hours later we arrive at our new hotel, it should have only taken 2 hours at most

A girl from couchsurfing called into the hostel to see me, and she was told ´Something happened last night, and they had to leave´

And she still met me, good gob i told her all about it straight away, or else she might have thought i was a wierdo. :)

I left my dirty sock´s hanging out the front on the sign that had ´Genieva 2000 kms´, i would have loved to have seen him.

The end

(No french men were hurt during the day, mabe a few feelings)

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