Thursday, February 14, 2008

Couchsurfing it up

The Burro was carying some local brew, no time to wait, i´m a tourist

Met up with Omar and Miriam from and went out, they arrived at the same time, it was like it was all cordinated, which it kind of was and kind of wasn´t, i´m moving towards the wasn´t bit, we went to the oldest canteen in town.

The highlights would include 2 old guys wanting to fight, one more than the other, the testosrone was pumping in those old men

I had an interesting salad type dish as USA Chris would say ´Cock and balls´, had a bit, yummie, pity i was stuffed, 1 whole chicken from the super market, it was super!!

Zacatecas at night

Miriam went home, i went with Omar and his girlfriend to a club on the outskirts.
The club put on Karaoke for a good bit, and the whole place was singing, pretty impressive, no one was holding back. 10 out of 10 Mexico.

The next day the local Scouts were doing their drills in the local park i.e. what wasn´t concrete in the whole city. Sunny morning, no hangovers there

Silvia from Couch surfing
This used to be a government afordable housing, they turned it into a very nice hotel, the hotel is the whole neighbourhood

Saw a few Chiwahwa´s in Chiwahwa, it´s a good thing too, if that type of dog was a passing fad. Would they change their name to something else?

If a head of a Donkey with the body of a Labradore became the next big thing, they could change their name to ´Yerba Buena´. It would be a good name too, totally free, as long as no one finds gold and the name gets changed to ´San Francicso´.

In one of the squares in Zacatecas

It´s Sunday afternoon, 30 degrees in Mexico, very chilled out, happy, happy, happy, me too.
Ireland is getting hit by big storms, thats what the weather man said, and he should know.

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