Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where has all the beer gone?

Puppies in Porta Vallarta

Since i`ve `Semi` given up beer, i`m not my usual self, not the `Up and ATOM, or AT THEM`, not at all,

The belly size is easier to control, i`m not expanding and contracting like a squeeze boz. In nature they call that sort of thing `Freeze thaw action` and it can be very destructive.

Last night i had a headache all night. I told the couch surfer`s JAmie and his buddie, since i`ve given up beer i`m juast like a chick with my headaches and compaints. It got a laugh, i was being serious!!

Irish Mexican lesson, Leprechaun

Darragh, or DJ Druid was telling me about an Aussie guy he met that kept saying `No worries` to make up for the fact his life was a constant worry, i had to laugh

He was also telling me about `The mystery method`

Jose the civil engeener couch surfer from Guadajara, picked me up, Darragh came too and we went to the largest lake in Mexico, a place called `Chapala`, very nice indeed, we stopped at a restaurant and had lunch by the lake, very cool, there was a singer walking around, singing all the favourites.

Japaneese girl from the hostel in Guagajahara

Couchsurfer Kirsten from Porta Vallarta, Sunday at the local restaurant

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