Monday, February 04, 2008

Did the Copper Canyon, very nice

Got the Copper canyon train yesterday, today i'm going to tell you about it.

Got the 7am train up the mountain, the restaurant car was open at 8am, our story starts there.

First the waterfall at Creal

Got the burrito's, it was a suprise to me as it might be to you what was inside, guess, guess? You'll never guess.

Chips, french fries or as they are called here pappas fritas.

It would appera the Mexicans have embraced American culture and experessed their friendship to America through their food.

That or else, someone is getting paid to go to the butcher, naughty, naughty.

With enough chilli, you can't taste what your eating, i went with the chilli.

The views were amazing, it's 4 times bigger than the grand canyon, which is big, Evil Knievel wouldn't have been doing any of his trick here

We stopped off, to have some food, driving a train can be such hard work, the local women were cooking with barrels that had a chimney on the side, cheap cooker and good mexican food, an english guy was telling me about something he had there that was the best thing he's had in Mexico so far, i wasn't too hungry, that's what healthy living does to you (me anyway).

There will be other days

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