Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Send in the Clowns

A little music to accompany the word´s (none of which have bee spellchecked or harmed in this little rant)

Went to an Indiginous village yesterday, they speak a language called Tarahumaras from Creal.

I asked the driver, why the language was so hard to speak, he said it was, they dont speak Spanish.

I´m thinking it´s a stupid question.

He says, each family speaks a differnt dialect. No, it wasn´t a stupid question after all, after all.

Staying at Margaritas hostel, 100 peso´s a night, breakfast and dinner included not bad.

When they ¨Hear the train a comin¨ they go running to bring the tourists down, today it was a cargo train at 2pm, and they came back to play cards.

More Tom Robbins that makes sense

There are many ways to victimise people, the most insidious way is to pursuade them they are victims

Benjamin De Casseres defined progess as ´The victory of laughter over progress´

Money is a terrible servent, but a wonderful master

Definations Myopia and Stigmata

Just then, the train whistle went, the boys would be darting up and trying to convince them back.

I´m off to talk to their catch of the day and free dinner, free do you hear?

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