Sunday, February 03, 2008

A world gone mad, or just plain survival of the fittest ?

A van outside the Mayors office in Tuajana (TJ to the locals), my friend Edgardo was inside at the time

I went with Edgardo and his girlfriend for a trip into the desert, Edgardo showed me his drawings, all Salvador Dali stuff

Salvador Dali´s elephants

Here´s what the news man says about TJ (and he should know)

In La Paz, saw a blind man busking, he only knew chord, and boy could he play that chord, most people need many chords (jazz guitarists know thousands of them, they need to) he needed one (trying to not put in anything about ´Teach yourself guitar in 24 hours´, he did it in 10 minutes), too late, but it struck a chord with me. 2 chords in total, thats a %50 incress, just by watching, not a bad days work ?

Lots of people in Mexico know of Lepreachuans, but they call them ´Duende´. and a rainbow is ´Arcoiris´ and the little pot of gold, which is all true.

Met a girl in San Jose, she was just back for seeing her boyfriend in Colorado, she was there for 1 month. Which got me thinking, she must have been the only Mexican to ever go to the US for sex, normally it works the other way round.

Oh yeah, when she got back she went out, when she came home all her stuff was stolen and the cops couldn´t give a shit, which would make you think twice about living here

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