Friday, February 15, 2008

No chickens were hurt bringing you this information

A guitarist i met a few weeks ago was telling me about a 14 year old playing the following Van Halen Euruption

So, i´m eating my chicken and in comes one of the Kiwi guys, with one of the other kiwi guys (1+1=2, i´ve learnt so much from the French snooty hostelier)

The NZ guy says ´It would be more interesting to get a real chicken...´ (what was i eating)´..and cook it. Then you´d know if it was cooked properly.

Me? Call me lazy, but i´d rather the ´Chicken man´ to do all that and wrap it in plastic and put a 40 pesos tago on it, lovley...hmmm.

Want to Lose weight?

I saw an ad on Mexican TV for ´Hollywood patch´. I dont buy it, obiouly Mexicans do.

The Grammies were just on, they were on in Hollywood weeks ago. I wonder if the patches would be just as out
of date?

Read a great write up of a DJ on my favourite DJ site
Similarly Sam thought he was the “big guy on Campus”, but he got sick of fighting blokes, so he decided to get all arty farty and try to juggle beats instead. The “the loose guy at the party” as he is known, divides his time between graphic design, riding ponies and his musical endeavors. He is often heard stating “it’s all about the remix man…all about the remix”.

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